6 UAD OCTO DSP Accelerator Cards in 2010 Mac Pro

Mac Pro 5,1 with 6x UAD Octo DSP Accelerator Cards: Road Test with Pro Tools Expert

6x UAD Octo DSP Accelerator Cards meet the Mac Pro 5,1 and CUBIX PCIe Xpander

As you’ll have no doubt seen by now we like to test pretty outrageous sessions with our friends over at Pro Tools Expert. Previously we’ve tested 6 and 12 core 3.46GHz Mac Pro upgrades, 2TB flash SSD RAIDs & more in their 128 track test session. This time, however, we’ve taken it to another level by using 6x UAD Octo DSP accelerator cards inside the Mac Pro 5,1 and CUBIX PCIe Xpander Elite. The CUBIX Xpander Elite is a PCIe Xpander which will turn a single PCIe 2.0 x16 slot into 4 PCIe 2.0 x4 slots, allowing you to utilise a greater number of PCIe cards such as GPUs and SSDs, or in this case UAD DSP cards.
For anyone who has been sleeping under a pro audio tree, UAD (Universal Audio) Octo DSP accelerator cards are the top of the range UAD DSP cards for the UAD 2 platform. In plain English, these cards will run UAD plugins without needing any help from your CPU, meaning you’re free to use your native power on any VSTs without UADs top class plugins sapping your CPU. With 6 of the Octo cards, we have 48 UAD DSP cores, which basically means we can run a lot of UAD plugins. In effect what we have is a fully in the box digital-analogue mixing desk.
Rather than continuing to waffle about how awesome this setup really is, it’s probably best if you simply watch the video below and dream of 48 UAD DSP cores for the rest of your days.

To see the lists of UAD plugin DSP usage that James refers to click here & here.
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