Mac Pro 5,1 Thunderbolt Status Update

It’s been a while since our last update however a lot has been going on with the development of the custom firmware however it’s not all good news but progress is being made. We’ve been keeping in touch with the original developer who created the TITA Ridge Thunderbolt 3 EFI and DSM2 has provided us with an update to where he is at.

The advantages of using the Custom Firmware are mainly features that are only known from the Apple Thunderbolt firmware like : Ethernet over Thunderbolt, Target Disk Mode, Target Display Mode, correct initialization of the Thunderbolt devices.
For example devices that do not work without custom firmware like Antelope Interfaces, Drobo Raids, Slate Digital Audio Interfaces and many more.
Basically this works perfectly on the Hackintosh if you flash the firmware and make the correct modifications regarding the UUID and the ACPI Paths. The MacPro4,1/5,1 is still problematic.
It still fails during initialization, so unfortunately massive problems still occur. We are now at the 5 firmware version, which is not publicly available, there is still a lot to do and currently I can’t say if we will ever get it right on the cheese grater… Problems are related to EFI…

When the firmware was first released DSM2 reached out to the community looking for a Mac Pro so we shipped one out to him to assist with development. As highlighted by him some devices are currently function but there are certain ones still causing problems and for this to be a complete solution you need to be able to plug all thunderbolt devices into it. We’ve seen some conversations in forums and communities of success stories with their own card and you may be able to get the result you want from the current version but it’s important to know that it may not work and this Mac Pro modification is very much experimental.

As we learn more we will keep you updated and announce when new public versions are ready for release.