MacBank Will be Rebranding to MacFinder

We are pleased to announce that in the coming weeks, we will be unveiling an entirely new, united brand that brings together MacBank and Create Pro. These two powerful brands, both with an established market presence in their respective areas, will be joining forces to create MacFinder. Over the past few years, both brands have been on exciting journeys, with each seeing growth in ways we didn’t anticipate at their conception. However, it has become apparent that uniting these brands would create a powerful partnership and allow us to provide an improved service for our customers.

Moving forward, the brands of MacBank and Create Pro will cease to exist individually, rather under the new name of MacFinder. The services of these two businesses will be managed from the same website, email address and telephone, all in the MacFinder name. During the following weeks, there will be a period of transition while we work to unite the businesses, both behind the scenes and for our customers. Although we don’t anticipate any customer facing issues, and we are planning to ensure a smooth transition, there may be unexpected challenges that arise during this time. Therefore, we ask for your patience as we navigate this busy period and we can assure you that we will be working hard for a smooth transition.

There are numerous reasons that we have decided to bring together these two brands, these are:

Unite our brands of Create Pro & MacBank to ensure customer continuity

At present, Create Pro and MacBank operate separately as two different business entities. The decision to unite the brands means that our customers will be able to navigate offerings of both businesses using only one website. For many of our customers who shop with MacBank on a purely consumer basis, this change won’t impact your experience with us, as we will still be offering our great range of Apple products.

However, for our customers that shop with us on a professional basis, such as businesses, self-employed professionals and creatives, this change will mean much more. Moving forward, there will be one unified point of contact, and one company that offers both Apple devices and Apple workstations.

Repositioning ourselves as a customer orientated high-quality MacFinding business

Fortunately, this doesn’t take too much describing, as the clue is really in the name. MacFinder will be brand that you can trust, one that will help you find the perfect Mac for the job at the very best price. Simply put, we’re there for you.

Replenishing an outdated image and putting it in line with the current market and our business ethos

As a market leading service, it’s crucial that we look the part. We’ll be launching a brand-new website that accurately reflects who we are as a brand. This will be the first major change, with many of our in-house branding changing soon afterwards.

As part of this, our social networks will be consolidated into one main MacFinder account. We will be closing down our Create Pro account and transitioning over the current MacBank accounts; you can find links to these below:


Introducing Our New Director

In addition to these key points, we are excited to announce that we have appointed a new Director, Liam Heffer-Thorpe. Liam will be responsible for pushing the business into new areas, developing current product offerings and improving our efficiency across the board.

Liam has been with the business for over four years and has progressed rapidly in that time. Starting out working within our sales department, Liam demonstrated excellent leadership qualities that made him suitable for a new role as Office Supervisor. Following this, Liam was promoted to Operations Manager with the responsibility of overseeing all parts of the operations process. A final promotion to Operations Director gave Liam the necessary top-level knowledge of the business to make him the perfect fit for the role.

The new combination of Create Pro and MacBank, although significant, is far from the end of the story. MacFinder will take the best of both businesses and combine them to create a powerful brand. Liam’s role in the new business will be to develop new product offerings and maximise customer value. We have lots of ideas already and will continue to strive towards operational excellence. Rest assured, all of the things you came to know and love about these brands will be kept, but rather than individually, you’ll find them side by side.

Liam’s vision for the new business starts and ends with a complete customer experience. We’ll be looking to change and improve our current processes along with implementing new systems to enhance the customer experience. This will make it even easier for you to get your hands-on top-grade Apple products.

If you have any questions about this transition and how it may affect your service, don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can contact us via our website’s live chat feature or call our team on 01473 760 346. We thank you for your continued patience and hope you look forward to this new chapter as much as we do.