5 Things You Should Know About the New MacBook Pro

What will the new MacBook Pro look like? This is the question everyone is attempting to answer. The rumour mill has gone into overdrive now as we are almost sure that Apple will release a new blockbuster pro laptop this year, perhaps as soon as the March Media Event, if not the WWDC 2019. Endlessly leaked stories about the device persist, and we cannot help but think the announcement must be coming soon.

So what can we expect from a new MacBook Pro – the most cutting edge of the Apple laptop lineup? In this blog, we go through some of the rumours and pick out the five things we think you should know about the MacBook Pro 2019.


The New MacBook Pro 2019 Will Be 16 Inches

Two people working on refurbished MacBook Pro

This year, the big update to the MacBook Pro is that it is significant: the newest MacBook Pro will feature a 16 inch wide screen, bigger than any of the MacBooks sold by Apple today.

The biggest prediction for the newest MacBook Pro, thanks to a number of leaks about the product, is that it will feature an edge-to-edge display. This will mean that Apple can pack more screen into the same amount of space, by reducing the bezel count on their laptops. Today, the 15” MacBook Pro, in fact, features a 15.4” screen. A jump up to 16 inches will be another big step into larger machines.


Apple Are Committing to USB-C Charging

USB-C cables plugged into two iPhones

Apple has been (in)famous for its chargers: changing almost every year so that one Apple MacBook’s cable is not compatible with another, the lightning cable has been a pain for many Apple users. Last year, however, Apple switched from its propriety lightning connectors for USB-Cs to iPhones and iPads, and the newest Apple MacBook Pro looks to use USB-C itself.

This is big for two reasons. Firstly, it means that your charger for your iPhone and iPad will likely be able to charge your MacBook Pro too now. This is fantastic news for people like us who don’t want to deal with a dozen similar but incompatible Apple cables. It’s also great because many of us own a USB-C cable already, and lots are available on the market for much less than a lightning connector. While the quality of an Apple-approved USB-C or lightning cable will be much higher, this does mean you can get a cheaper charger on a budget if you need to.


The MacBook Pro Could Finally Offer 4K Resolution

Used iMac with latte, coffee, and

In his investor note in February, Apple expert Ming Chi Kuo said that Apple’s newest display for the MacBook Pro will be 4K – an upgrade to previous MacBook devices and something that has been sorely wanted for years. The lack of 4K on prior devices has been a real pain. This is probably something that is a little late for the technological powerhouse that is Apple, but it’s better late than never. We will look forward to seeing our photos and videos in gorgeous 4K definition!

32GB RAM Will Come on All MacBook Pros

Close up view of RAM

While Apple is most likely releasing a 16-inch version of their MacBook Pro, they will also release a smaller 13-inch version. Since 2016, though, the 13-inch device has been less than popular among the most intense MacBook Pro users, because it did not come with 32GB RAM. We’ve written an article before about how much RAM you might need, but the short version is: if you need to do some intense video editing, or high-level statistical modelling or machine learning, then 32GB RAM is almost a requirement.

32GB RAM 13-inch devices do not currently exist as standard on MacBook Pros. They would cause too much stress for the smaller device, worsening its battery life and making the rest of the product deteriorate much quicker than its less-powerful or larger variants. However, Apple seems to have finally worked out a way to prevent this risk, as rumours swell about a 32GB RAM 13-inch MacBook Pro for 2019. Getting all that power in such a small device is no small feat, but we are glad Apple has managed to achieve this.


The MacBook Pro Will Be Announced Very Soon

Close up of refurbished MacBook Pro

Although there is no release date at the moment swelling around, we expect to see an Apple device coming out very quickly. The MacBook Pro 2017 was announced in June 2017, and the 2018 version was released in 2018, so it will be unsurprising if the 2019 version comes out this summer as well, coinciding with the WWDC Conference.

However, Intel has also recently announced it will launch its 10nm Ice Lake chips at CES 2019 later on in the year, and it is plausible that Apple will hold off on its announcement of the device to take advantage of the new chip. After all, the Ice Lake chip has been hugely hyped up as a power spike for laptop devices. There is also the possibility (though slim) of an announcement for the device at the end of March.

The only real certainty is that, when the new MacBook Pro is announced, it’ll come with a hefty price tag. If you are looking for a cheaper Apple MacBook device, take a look at some of our  refurbished Macbooks for sale to find a fantastic deal on an excellent product. If you want help selecting the right product for your needs, then please get in touch, and we will be happy to assist you or read our guide to picking the right Mac for our advice.