Create Pro € pricing

New Create Pro Website Features: € pricing, ex VAT pricing, OS X selection tool & card payment system

In order to constantly provide you with a better service, we run a constant program of web improvement. Some of our changes have gone live today, with many more on the way. Here’s what to expect from the new features:

  • Option to display prices in Euros on Mac Pro & processor board upgrade pages
  • Option to display prices ex VAT on Mac Pro & processor board upgrade pages
  • Added option to select pre installed OS X version on Mac Pro systems
  • New PayPal payment system which allows card payments to be made without the need for a PayPal account
  • Added a basket system to allow purchases of multiple systems/upgrades
  • Added Mac Pro 6,1 systems to our processor comparison tool (for comparison purposes only)

There are many more exciting changes on the way in the near future. If you need any help with any of the features released today, just let us know.
Head over to the Configure Your Mac Pro page here to see the changes.