Nvidia GTX 980 Mac Pro custom EFI great for CUDA

Nvidia GTX 980 4GB for the Mac Pro: Create Pro now offering the GTX 980 GPU with Mac EFI, our best value CUDA graphics card

The best value CUDA GPU we have ever seen: The Nvidia GTX 980 4GB with Mac EFI running on internal power

We’ve been testing the Nvidia GTX 980 4GB in our Mac Pro systems since it was released, needless to say we’ve been loving how it performs, but finally we’re now happy to announce we will be offering a Mac EFI version of the graphics card. The GTX 980 will be offered as both part of our custom Mac Pro 5,1 systems as well as being available separately for users looking to upgrade their current GPU (just remember, the Nvidia GTX 980 requires OS X 10.10).
For us, the Nvidia GTX 980 4GB is the best value GPU currently available for both CUDA and OpenCL applications. Whilst not as powerful as the top end GTX TITAN X, the GTX 980 is more than capable of handling anything thrown at it. From CUDA based rendering to OpenCL acceleration, the GTX 980 is as versatile as it gets when it comes to GPGPU computing.
To put things into perspective, the Nvidia GTX 980 4GB performs around 15% better in CUDA applications than the original Nvidia GTX TITAN 6GB (source: OctaneBench) . When it comes to OpenCL, the GTX 980 can even beat pure OpenCL AMD GPUs such as the R9 280X. In fact the GTX 980 scores 2,400 in the LuxMark Sala benchmark, beating the AMD R9 280X’s 2,300 (see below).

Nvidia GTX 980 with Mac EFI in Mac Pro running LuxMark Sala

As mentioned above, the Nvidia GTX 980 4GB with Mac EFI is now available from Create Pro at a price of £600 (including VAT, delivery & 1 year return to base warranty). Grab yours here, in one of our custom systems, or on it’s own.
If you have any questions about the GTX 980, or anything else Mac Pro related, either shoot us an email at [email protected] or call us on 020 3770 9660.