3 Nvidia GPUs in a Mac Pro in OS X 10.11

OS X El Capitan Natively Supports up to 3 Nvidia GPUs in a Mac Pro: Mac Pro & Cubix PCI-e Xpander combo gets a speed boost in OS X 10.10

Native Support for 3 Nvidia Graphics Cards in OS X 10.11

With the recent release of OS X 10.11, Apple have done Mac Pro users a huge favour. The Nvidia GPU limit has been increased from 2 to 3. This means that with the use of PCI-e expanders, such as the Cubix PCI-e Xpander Elite, power users can now harness the speed of 3 Nvidia GTX TITAN X 12GB or 3 Nvidia GTX 980 Ti 6GB graphics cards within the OS X environment.
This functionality is especially useful for people who are using CUDA accelerated software/renderers such as Octane Render. For example, a render that previously may have taken 1 hour using 2x GTX TITAN X 12GB GPUs would now take only 40 minutes. These kinds of time savings can be especially useful in the fast paced creative industries.
Stay tuned for some of our real life road tests taking advantage of the newly increased Nvidia GPU limit in OS X El Capitan, it should be fun.