Our Top Predictions for the Apple WWDC 2019 | MacBank

Apple has a brimming calendar of annual events that entice developers, designers and programmers to make the trip to their home state of California. Few are more appealing than the WWDC – the Worldwide Developers Conference. This event takes place from Monday 3rd June to Friday 7th and allows participants access to new products, software and loads of other Apple goodies. The keynote speech presented by Tim Cook is the foundation on which the event is built and never disappoints, as this is where the majority of the new releases are announced. There are lots of rumours currently circulating about what could be released at this event, here we’ve picked out some of our favourites.

Apple iPhone

iOS 13

Although some hardware releases have been made at previous WWDC events (more on that later), the event is more geared towards announcements of new software and updates. There are few more important topics for Apple than their iOS, the operating system they use for their mobile devices. Ever since the first OS was announced in January 2007 for the debut iPhone, Apple has been giving the software a lot of love and providing major updates for the system evry single year, with many smaller updates put in place as stop-gaps.

This is big news for both developers and customers. Developers will get to see how the system will work and better understand any new features that they can begin to build into their app designs. Additionally, for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users, they will get to see the very first official build of the software which could see a major redesign in how the system operates. In previous years we’ve seen anything from a top to bottom overhaul to some tweaks here and there to improve speed and performance. We’ll be keenly watching to see exactly how the new iOS looks and feels.

Apple MacBooks

MacOS 10.15

Another huge release that we’re expecting to see at this year’s event is the newest MacOS software. Following on from the release of Mojave in September 2018, this will be our first look at the new operating system that we’ll be using for our Macs and MacBooks. Although this announcement will be made in June, if recent years are to go by, we can expect to see the rollout of the software in mid to late-September. Last years update saw the introduction of system-wide dark mode and some new apps that had been taken from iOS.

This year, although it’s unclear of what will be released, we’re expecting to see further advancements in making it easier to port apps from iOS to Mac. We’re also likely going to see some new apps coming from iOS to MacOS, similar to last year’s move by Apple News.

Apple Watch

WatchOS 6

As the name suggests, Watch OS is Apple’s operating system for the Apple Watch, and this year, we’re expecting to see the sixth instalment released. There have been a few minor bugs and issues with previous iterations of their software, and we’re hoping that Apple will pay attention and finally implement a strong sleep tracking proposition for the Watch.

Additionally, we could expect to see new apps making their way to the Apple Watch. Plus, with the new software update, expect a slew of new releases on the App Store.

Mac Pro with Apple Screen


This is the hardware portion of the article that we referred to earlier. Although WWDC is more commonly linked with software releases, we’ve seen some pretty big names released at this event. As we mentioned in our recent article covering the best Macs for Adobe Premiere Pro, the Mac Pro is long overdue an upgrade. The most recent iteration of the machine was released in 2013 and we’d love to see more info on a new model, maybe some insight into the design and specifications.

There are also some rumours that Apple is working on a new mega display, measuring 31.6 inches and offering 6K definition. Any reference to a new Mac Pro and we could expect to see a monitor discussed alongside it.

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