Private Sellers vs Resellers

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The first question you may be asking yourself is ‘where can you buy a refurbished Mac?’. A quick internet search can throw up lots of places to buy a Mac from, however, not all these options are good sources.

Customers generally purchase Macs from two avenues: private sellers or resellers. Private sellers are people who are selling off their old products; they are not in the business of selling products, and it is not a stable source of their income. On the other hand, resellers are registered companies, and the size of the business can vary.


Private Sellers

Private sellers can use various platforms to sell used products, utilising popular ecommerce sites for customer-to-customer sales to reach wider audiences.

Generally, these products are being resold and are typically not refurbished. This means that there may be occasions where an unknown fault with the system comes to light once you receive it, and with no support centre to call. The result is often customers seeking a repairer to fix the faults at additional unforeseen costs. When parts and labour have to be paid for as well, this can bring the cost into the hundreds of pounds, and can make it uneconomical to repair. Also, the descriptions of the product may, knowingly or unknowingly to the seller, be inaccurate to the true condition or specification.

Unfortunately, these sites can’t always safeguard consumers from fraud or disappointment. And while these products may be cheaper than resellers, and significantly cheaper than buying new, buying from a private seller comes with much higher risks.



As resellers are registered businesses, customers get certain guarantees in regard to their consumer rights such as the 14-day grace period where customers can return purchases if they have changed their minds (see our returns policy).

In addition, a reseller’s warranty and return policies add an extra level of protection for your investment. For example, we offer one-year or three-year warranties to safeguard your money.

Resellers also professionally refurbish the systems with trained technicians, so it is highly unlikely that you should encounter any problems. However, should issues arise with your purchase, resellers will use their expert technicians to fix the problem.

You can also expect that any old parts within the system to be updated to new standards. An example of this is the HDDs which are removed and replaced with the better SSDs.

Protection of your investment also comes in the form of pre and after sales support. Pre-sales support helps you identify the right Mac for your requirements. It may even open your eyes to new options that you not have considered before and helps you to avoid disappointment with the purchase. While after sales ensures that you have access to advice should you need it and can help to arrange a repair if required.

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