Pro Tools Expert visits Create Pro

Pro Tools Expert visits Create Pro: Mac Pro 5,1 upgrade service detailed

On a recent cool winter Thursday we were delighted to be visited by our friend James from Pro Tools Expert. This wasn’t just a jolly, however, James was here for serious business. We were set to transform his ageing 2.66GHz quad core Mac Pro 4,1 into a gnarly 6 core 3.46GHz 5,1.
We would also upgrade his 512MB Nvidia GT120 graphics card to a 3GB Nvidia GTX 780, as well as take install 48GB RAM.
The video below, kindly recorded by James, gives a brief history of Create Pro and outlines the benefits of upgrading your current system as opposed to buying a Mac Pro 6,1. If you’re thinking of upgrading the CPU in your Mac Pro, or any other component for that matter, this video is definitely worth a watch.
Keep an eye out for more videos from Pro Tools Expert, including some real-world benchmark tests for James’ upgrade.
P.S. If you are a Pro Tools user and don’t already check the Pro Tools Expert website, make sure you start doing so, it’s well worth it.