Correct Recording levels for Pro Tools, beginners tips from Pro Tools Expert

Pro Tools Expert’s Guide to Recording Levels in Pro Tools: Pro Tools beginners tips & tricks

Our friends at Pro Tools Expert have been hard at work with a new series of quick guides aimed at Pro Tools beginners, entitled ‘First Steps’. One particular tutorial that’s going to be useful for beginners is the sixth in the series, aimed at getting the correct recording levels. You can check the full article out here.
Below is a particularly useful excerpt:

With digital recording systems there is no latitude between clipped, distorted sound and clean undistorted sound. In the days of analogue tape the transition from clean to unacceptable distortion was a soft one. In fact driving the tape hard could in certain circumstances enhance the sound. So now we have plug-ins to recreate this effect to use on our ‘clean’ digital systems. But as we have no latitude in our digital world you need to make sure you leave enough headroom to cover the unexpected peaks without recording to low. After all you don’t want to be in the horrible position of telling your client that the superb take they have done is in the bin because it is distorted.