Pro Tools First

Pro Tools Releases Free Edition: Pro Tools First, trial the production giant for free

Avid’s Pro Tools has now been at the heart of the majority of professional music studios for a good chunk of time. The software does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a DAW outfitted with a large number of professional quality audio tools, used for recording and music creation.
If you’ve never used Pro Tools, however, there is no cheap way to try it. That is, until now. Avid have just announced that they will be releasing a free version of Pro Tools, Pro Tools First. This free introductory version of Avid’s popular DAW includes a selection of the full version’s features, lacking extra tracks, video playback and score editing. Other than this, however, it’s basically the premium edition.
Out of the box you’ll get 21 audio effect plugins (you’ll have to pay for more). The main catch is that Avid will only let you store projects in the cloud, not offline, and this storage is limited to three tracks. Tracks can be exported once completed, however, but you’ll have to delete the project file to create a new one.
Sure, Pro Tools First has certain drawbacks, but it looks to be a great way to try the software out and see if it’s right for you without remortgaging your house.

No release date as of yet, but we don’t think it’ll be too long as they are just adapting their current software, rather than creating something brand new. Sign up here for updates.