Leviathan Director Interview

Ruari Robinson, Director of ‘The Leviathan’ Short, Interview: How to bypass the pitching process

First things first, if you haven’t seen the teaser for The Leviathan yet, check it out below, if you have seen it, scroll past and keep reading.

The teaser was created as a proof of concept for director Ruari Robinson’s upcoming film, The Leviathan. Ruari wanted to bypass the pitching process completely, so rather than writing letters to studios, he simply got cracking and uploading a teaser of his film online. Next, it went viral, and now The Leviathan is set to be a major Fox release.
Create Pro favourites, Creative Bloq, recently published an incredibly insightful interview with the director in question, we thought it was too good not to share. Check out one of our favourite quotes in the excerpt below:

How did you design the creature?

I started with some references and sketches to guide the look and feel. I did 2D storyboards for the teaser and assembled them into an animatic pretty early on. The initial idea of the story and world came together really fast.
I reached out to Jordu Schell to design the creature. We’d met generally and I loved his work so was looking for something to work with him on for a while.
When this came together he was the first person I called to design the creature. Jordu is someone I can give a vague brief or a loose sketch then just let him loose and he’ll always deliver something amazing.

To check out the full interview, click here.