Security Update 2015-002 nvidia gpu disabled

Security Update 2015-002 causing issues for Nvidia GPU Users: Do not update yet

We would like to warn all non-standard Apple Nvidia GPU users, flashed cards or not, to refrain from installing the latest Apple security update until Nvidia releases a new version of their Web Driver.
The new security update is disabling the current version of Nvidia’s Mac Web Driver, if you’re card is flashed this will mean no GPU acceleration, if your card is un-flashed, this will mean you wont be able to boot into your system without another flashed/Apple GPU.
Some cards affected are:

  • Nvidia GTX TITAN
  • Nvidia GTX TITAN Black
  • Nvidia GTX 980
  • Nvidia GTX 970
  • Nvidia GTX 780
  • Nvidia GTX 770

Nvidia should release a new update today, or in the next few days at the latest.