How to use your ipad as a graphics tablet

How to set your iPad up as a Pro Graphics Tablet: Astropad for iPad

Got an iPad? Use your Mac for graphic design or illustration? If the answer to these questions is yes, then Astropad should be right up your street.
Astropad is an app that just makes sense. Why not use your high res iPad as a graphics tablet? Especially considering the price tag of products like the Wacom Cintiq.

Astropad iPad graphics tablet photoshop

Astropad was masterminded by Matt Ronge and Giovanni Donelli, both ex-Apple engineers. Two apps are used, one on your Mac and one on your iPad. With both installed you will be able to use a pressure sensitive stylus to draw directly onto your favourite apps such as Photoshop and Illustrator.
Your iPad can use Astropad to connect with your Mac either over Wi-Fi or USB. Obviously USB solutions are already available, but Astropad promises to be the first to deliver a professional quality solution.

Pad pro graphics tablet

Concerned that your iPad wont truly represent the colour on your Mac? Astropad have that covered. Using proprietary LIQUID technology, Astropad uses colour correction to ensure that your Mac’s display is accurately replicated on your iPad.
Compatibility wise Astropad will work with most pressure sensitive iPad styluses.  The app isn’t cheap at $49.95, but it certainly is cheaper than a purpose built alternative.