shawn lee studio session

Shawn Lee Creates a Track from Scratch in 2 hours: Awesome studio video, live drums, bass, guitar & more

Point Blank has done it again. In one of the best videos we have seen in a long time, musical maestro Shawn Lee takes us into his frankly incredible studio. We’re shown around and treated to a glimpse of his recording process as he creates a track from scratch in just 2 hours.
Shawn’s dungeon is littered with vintage synths, instruments, recording equipment & more. Lee’s studio is so cool we’d post just pictures, so a video is a real treat!
Also on hand is Shawn’s studio engineer, Pierre Duplan. The pair explain in depth the recording process and some of the secrets behind their awesome sound. We could talk about this video forever, but it’s probably best if you just watch it, watch it right now, you’ll thank us later.

Needless to say, everyone in the office now wants a Casio DG-20. Time for eBay…