Taking screenshots on OS X

Super Cool Guide to Screenshots/Screen Recording on OS X & iOS: Tips, tricks & more

Everyone loves a nice screengrab, so much so that Creative Bloq have written an awesome guide on the subject. The guide covers lots of cool shortcuts as well as some terminal tricks. Screen recording on OS X and iOS also get a mention which is always nice.
One of our favourite tricks, which we often use for OS X screenshots to be used on the blog, is the CMD + Shift + 4 shortcut followed by hitting the space bar. This allows you to capture specific windows which get a transparent shadow in the PNG file, perfect for web. Here’s Creative Bloq’s description:

⌘⇧4 then Space turns your cursor into a camera icon; roll it over different elements on screen to highlight them, then click to screenshot them. The best thing about this method is that windows are captured with their soft drop-shadows and full transparency, ready to be dropped onto coloured backgrounds.

Check out the full guide over at Creative Bloq here.