15 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Tech Lovers

Are you stuck on what to get the techie in your household this Christmas? Even if you’re not all caught up on the latest trends, we can help you make a tech-head very happy. Choose an awesome gift from our 15 top picks!

Sphero Mini


Photo by Sphero

The Sphero Mini is a brilliant toy in its own right. Fusing robotics, digital apps and cutting-edge entertainment, the Sphero Mini is a coloured orb the size of a ping-pong ball that can be rolled around remotely using the range of modes on the Sphero Play app (including your face) to drive the ball. The Sphero Mini uses a little gyroscope, accelerometer, and LED lights packed into its shell to keep your dogs or children busy by circling around the house. It’s also a great educational tool with the use of their Sphero Edu app you can program your robot using JavaScript.


The Garmin Speak Plus


Garmin takes everything awesome about Amazon Echo Dot and makes it available in your car, and then adds more goodies on top. You get dashcam, Alexa, turn-by-turn directions and lane-departure warnings all through this awesome device. If you know someone who loves having Alexa in their home, then perhaps gift them this nifty gadget.


PlayStation VR

Three people sitting on black gamer chairs in a blue room playing PlayStation VR

Photo by Marco Verch


The PlayStation VR is a fantastic virtual reality gaming experience. It is now the best selling VR headset ever made, and once you use it, it’s not hard to see why. It’s easy to set up, films and games look incredible through the camera, and an amazing array of games are already available. Cheaper than many of its competitors and comfortable to wear even with glasses on, the PlayStation VR is immensely popular for a good reason.


Amazon Smart Plug


The Amazon Smart Plug takes you one step closer to the future. Through Alexa, you gain voice control to any electrical socket in the house – schedule lights to turn on in the morning, switch on your coffee machine before you’ve headed downstairs, or be able to check remotely whether you’ve turned off the plug with this awesome gadget.


Arccos Caddie Smart Golf

St Andrews Golf Course Player

Powered by Microsoft Virtual Intelligence, Arccos takes everything that is great about having personal trainers and puts it into your smartphone. You put Arccos sensors into your clubs, connect them to your smartphone via their app, and then you get instant shot recommendations and data analytics to better your golf game, compare against other users and ultimately improve upon your past swings. If you have a golf-loving tech friend, this is an awesome choice of gift.


Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat is the flagship smart home product by the Internet of Things manufacturer Nest. Their co-founder, Tony Fadell, was famously the ‘father of the iPod’ at Apple because of his emphasis on slim and stylish design coupled with packing things full of functionality. The Nest Learning Thermostat can be described in the same words: easy to install, beautifully manufactured, and makes your life that much easier by controlling your home’s temperature if you’re gone.


Playstation Classic

Grey PlayStation Classic with controller

Sony is set to release their retro micro-console, the PS Classic, in time for Christmas 2018. With two replica controllers included and twenty preloaded games, we love the PlayStation Classic as a nostalgic tech present for a retro gamer.


Tile Two-Pack


This is a wonderful present for those who end up losing things every other day! You attach the Tile mate key finder connects to anything you don’t want to lose, and if the worst happens, a Bluetooth signal is released by the Tile so you can easily relocate it. If it is not nearby, then you can enlist the help of the five-million-strong Tile user community to help you find your Tile (and whatever was attached to it). This is definitely something we can recommend.


Alarm Clock on Wheels

White Clocky Alarm clock on wheels

Photo by Mahalie Stackpole


Sometimes it can be a struggle to get up in the morning, and if you abuse the snooze button on your alarm clock like us, an alarm clock on wheels is a fantastic device that does exactly what it says. When the alarm sets off in the morning, the Alarm Clock on Wheels rolls around your room and beeps incessantly until you get out of bed and finally turn it off and start your day.


iRobot Roomba

With easy automation and multi-room navigation, Roomba can be your new futuristic robotic vacuum cleaner. At the touch of a button, the device can navigate multiple rooms of your house and clean up carpets and floors without any supervision, as it can navigate stairs and household objects with ease. The iRobot Roomba is the best vacuum for your floors.


Philips Sonicare BlueTooth Toothbrush

White electric toothbrush with a blue handle


Use Bluetooth to get white teeth by sending brushing data to your Sonicare app to provide you with personalised coaching and feedback while cleaning your teeth. This is the present you never knew you needed.


Series 9 Braun


Braun is almost synonymous with German efficiency when it comes to shavers, and it’s not hard to see why. The Series 9 is the most technologically advanced shaver on the market today. It is sleek, powerful, precise, and provides a comfortable shave, with a directional flex and microvibration technology able to tackle even the hardest to reach scruff.


Polaroid OneStep Instant Camera


Beige Polarid OneStep Camera


The OneStep 2 combines classic retro style with modern technology in a way any photographer would love. The OneStep is the best and simplest instant photo cameras available on the market and is wonderful for someone going on holiday.


Furbo Dog Cam


Load this awesome looking thing up with some treats and this Wi-Fi powered device can dispense them to your dog from a distance and play your voice through its speaker to attract and excite your furry companion! Through its HD camera, you can see a video of your dog charging up and looking for the voice, eating treats, and generally having an amazing time with this cool device.


Refurbished Macbook

How could we round off any list without mentioning a refurbished MacBook? Our second-hand MacBook Pros have been fully tested and refurbished by our team of Apple Certified Technicians to work straight from the box. Cheaper than the original with all the same quality, if you know someone who is in dire need of a new laptop, then buy a used MacBook!


Are there any other presents on our list that you hope to receive? Did we miss out on your favourite? Let us know on social media or the comments below!