Pro Tools Expert A-Z free ebook from Pro Tools Expert

The A-Z of Pro Tools: Free ebook from Pro Tools Expert with interactive features, tips, tricks & more

Get a free Pro Tools ebook from Pro Tools Expert: Pro Tools A-Z of tips, tricks & more

Our good friends at Pro Tools Expert have just released a free Pro Tools A-Z ebook which is now available to download. Created by Julian from Pro Tools Expert, the 67 page ebook is jam packed with useful tips & tricks and even contains interactive features. No sign ups, or information exchange required, just completely free.
The guide is perfect for people new to Pro Tools looking for a quick introduction to many of the DAW’s features, as well as more experienced users who will probably learn about at least a few features they haven’t encountered before due to the list being so expansive. We recommend you pick this up regardless of your skill level if you are a Pro Tools user.
One of our favourite letters is Q, in the case of the ebook, for quantize. An often used, and misused, tool in music. Within the A-Z ebook, Julian not only talks about how quantizing works, but also offers some words of wisdom on approaches, as seen in the snippet from the quantize section below:

Approaches To Quantizing
This leads me to my best tips for using quantizing. The first thing I’ve found is that like every thing in music, trust your ears. If it sounds in time, it is is in time. Don’t go looking for timing errors youdidn’t hear. You may well end up killing the performance. Secondly, when quantizing a part, I rarely find it necessary to quantize every note, for example try selecting only the downbeats and quantizing those. If the downbeats are in time then variations on the off-beats will add character or feel.  

Read/download the full Pro Tools A-Z ebook here.