The Best Productivity Apps For Mac

There’s nothing wrong with being more productive and with the right tools, it can make a huge change. Whether you’re trying to get yourself in check, be more organized at work or help out your employees we’ve compiled the ultimate list of productivity applications as used by the MacFinder team. We are in no way sponsored by any of these developers. We love their work and we think you will too.


We love BetterSnapTool. It’s intuitive and high customizable window resizing system is something we feel should have always been in feature in macOS. By moving the window to an edge of the screen or using user set shortcuts you can quickly size windows to halves, quarters or 3rds of the screen.

Check out BetterSnapTool

Airmail 3

If you’re a heavy user of email then you’ll want Airmail. It’s Apple mail but with all the features it’s missing. You can customize how it looks and functions to find the perfect workflow for you. Our team started using Airmail 3 at the start of the year and we’ve never looked back. You can download the Airmail 3 app for your iPhone and sync between devices as well!

Check out Airmail 3


Find yourself going copy-paste, copy-paste, copy-paste all the time? You’ll love Copy Clip. CopyClip keeps a history of your copy-pastes and sets shortcuts to them so you can quickly go back to something you’ve previously copied. Either use a key combination or select from the dropdown menu in the top bar of your Mac.

Check out CopyClip


If you’re one for ToDo lists or just feeling unorganized and forgetting things then Clear is what you need. It’s an incredibly simple approach to ToDo lists that you can sync between devices. Keep track of your work tasks or who you still need to buy Christmas presents for!

Check out Clear


Slack has to be the most used Application used by our team. We love it. The increased speed in communication between staff and the fast transfer of documents, images, and files has been one of the single best improvements to our productivity.

Check out Slack

Adobe Creative Cloud

You may not need all the tools in the adobe suite so you can pick and choose what applications you purchase but you won’t believe how useful the tools are. We use adobe suite for everything from sending internal policy documents for signing using Adobe Sign to editing photos and videos for our social media account. If you haven’t already looked at adobe for your business we highly recommend you do.

Check out Adobe Creative Cloud


For looking after your files and sharing between people DropBox is a must. You can also use OneDrive which is equally as good and if you’re a subscriber to Microsoft office it’s included so make the use of it! By downloading dropbox you get a folder in your Finder window which is hosted in the cloud. You can use this folder to sync documents between your devices or create subfolders to share with friends, colleagues or other businesses to aid collaboration!

Check out DropBox

Check out OneDrive

Microsoft Office 365

Everybody knows nothing compares to Word, Excel & PowerPoint. They are powerful applications with extensive functions that all staff will find useful. Furthermore, office 365 comes with cloud storage. We’re currently using DropBox at MacFinder but will soon be rolling out Office 365 for business. If you want the office apps and cloud storage we highly recommend it. As a free alternative take a look at google docs & sheets.

Check out Office For Business


If you have any questions about these apps and how we use them then get in touch. We’re happy to help. For businesses looking for Macs, we offer discounts on volume orders of refurbished Macs for an even better saving than buying new