The best reverb plugin for music

The Best Reverb Plug-ins Available for Producers & Engineers: 10 of the best from Point Blank

Reverb is one of the core effects used by audio professionals at the recording, production & mixing stages, with both in and out of the box solutions available. Most people nowadays tend to work in the box, at least for some part of their work anyway, so when the good guys at Point Blank posted this little gem, we just had to re-blog it.
The piece goes over Point Blank’s opinion of the best ‘in the box’ reverb solutions currently available, here’s what they had to say about one of their choices, UAD AMS RMX16:

The AMS RMX16 is perhaps most famous for the Phil Collins tom fill which features in ‘In The Air Tonight’ but it’s capable of much more than gated reverb. It offers a number of algorithms which can be considered as different sonic personalities. While all of these are unique, there’s a continuity to what the RMX16 brings to mixing, which is a particularly musical feel; the Ambience plug-in shimmers with beautiful top end, the Plates are vocal treatment classics whilst the Non-Lin algorithm has found favour with more artists than Phil Collins alone, working as a ‘sustaining’ and reinforcing influence on percussive sources aplenty. UAD’s emulation is pleasingly precise, capturing the spirit and sound of the hardware beautifully.

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