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The Latest Lowdown on the Nvidia Volta Before its Release

Nvidia proudly remains among the GPU elite. So, with the high anticipation swirling around the release of its newest edition – the Nvidia Volta – we look into everything we know about this next-gen architecture before ‘upgrade my Mac’ comes to mind.
The non-gaming releases of the 2017 Volta GPUs gave users a taste of what was to come, and now we can shed some light on what to expect.

When is the Nvidia Volta Being Released?

Right now, the in the know grapevine is leading us all to expectations that there will be a 2018 release, but the initial spring release date that was being touted may be wide of the mark. So, with this in mind, chances are that it will become available at a later date this year.

How Much Will the Nvidia Volta Cost?

Just like the release date, things are a little up in the air for now. However, there are murmurings of something in the region of £500-ish for the GTX 2080?

What Specifications is the Nvidia Volta Going to Have?

Users are in for a serious punch-packer here, with the Nvidia Volta architecture incorporating a new 12-nanometer manufacturing process. Essentially, what you’ll be getting from this new advancement is improved performance, as well as substantial power savings.
There’s sure to be some debate as to whether the performance will shape up in the way that Pascal did over Maxwell upon its release, but here’s what we do know…
For those of you looking to get some insight into the movements from Titan V, the following is expected:

  • 1 billion transistors, helping to serve up a striking 110 teraflops of computing power
  • New tensor cores for the purpose of speeding up deep learning ability, complete with 9x more peak computing teraflops over the previous Titan Xp GPU
  • Six graphics processing clusters with 5,120 CUDA cores
  • 320 texture units
  • 1200MHz base clock that can boost up to 1455MHz
  • 12GB HBM2 memory on board
  • 8GB/sec memory bandwidth

What’s more, the chances are that scaled-down versions of the Nvidia Titan V will be released at lower prices too, meaning that they may not reach the same level of peaks that their predecessor records.
On the other end of the scale, the vividly increased performance at the elite end of the scale, which has been promised, hints towards users seeing similar kinds of enhancements at more welcoming price points.
For now, this is far from 100 percent confirmed but we’re working with what we know, which will obviously be updated as and when we get new news. While you’re waiting for more, why not check out our iMac Vs Mac Pro series buyer’s guide?