CUBIX Xpander Elite With 2 TITAN X and 2 SM951 flash storage

The Ultimate CUBIX Xpander Elite Configuration: 2x Nvidia GTX TITAN X 12GB GPUs & 2x Samsung SM951 flash storage modules

The Create Pro Ultimate CUBIX Xpander Elite Configuration: Take your Mac Pro to the next level with a PCI-e Xpansion chassis from CUBIX

With Samsung having just released their latest flash storage modules, the SM951, we thought it was about time we put them through their paces. As we now have the CUBIX PCI-e Xpanders, however, we thought we might as well pair them with 2 Nvidia TITAN X 12GB GPUs.
For us, this is the ultimate Mac Pro set-up. We have the undisputed king of modern day graphics cards, the TITAN X, this is the best single GPU in both CUDA and OpenCL that we have tested. To accompany these monsters, the other two slots in the CUBIX PCI-e Xpander Elite are taken up by the brand new Samsung SM951 512GB flash storage modules. Did we mention that they’re in a striped RAID? Well, they are.
A single SM951 will hit an astonishing 1,500MB/s for both read & write speeds. In a striped RAID, your looking at a ridiculous 3,000MB/s. That’s a whole three times faster than the Mac Pro 6,1’s flash storage. Paired with the twin TITAN X cards which have well over twice the power of the Mac Pro 6,1’s top spec D700 dual GPU set-up and you have what we would call the ultimate Mac Pro.
Keep in mind, this is just a preview. In the very near future we will showcase our full ultimate Mac Pro system. This will feature the CUBIX set-up we have showcased in this article, as well as a fully kitted out Mac Pro system. Keep your eyes peeled, it’s going to be pretty awesome if we don’t say so ourselves.
Check out the video below for a preview of the CUBIX’s performance: