Trim Enabled SSD’s – Maximising efficiency in OSX


If you haven’t heard about TRIM then it’s time you knew!

MacBank have been working with Austrian based Angelbird for several years now and they have something very interesting up their sleeve (it’s not a bunch of flowers)! Angelbird SSDs are able to use the same protocols as the Apple manufactured SSDs.

Alongside their read and write speeds, they have something called “TRIM” which runs natively within each drive. This has been written from the ground up within their own firmware and has allowed them to craft a drive which can fully utilise the Mac operating system with maximum efficiency.

So how does TRIM work?
TRIM works by making full use of every writeable area in the drive. An SSD is comprised of multiple sectors and each sector contains a number of blocks. When writing data to the drive without TRIM it will find a sector with empty blocks and write to that sector. If a sector has even one block full out of twenty five it will say that the SSD is full and keep looking for an empty sector. This is where TRIM comes into it’s own. TRIM detects these sectors as having empty blocks and will fill these empty blocks.

What does all that mean in layman’s terms…
Think of it like a bee going to store honey. The bee goes into the hive but another bee has part filled the hive so the bee sees it as full and goes to a different hive which is empty. If the bee was smart (like TRIM) it would see that part of the hive is empty and fill it with honey rather than moving on. *No bees are included with the SSDs*

SSDs without TRIM will slow down over time, whereas our Trim enabled SSDs from Angelbird will be able to self maintain their data structure for longer lasting performance.

Professionals have been adopting this new technology and it’s time the consumer reaped the benefits as well! We offer the TRIM enabled SSDs for any compatible system.


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If you would like some more insight into TRIM or how it would affect you drop us a comment below!