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Visual Effects: Realism vs. Artistry, VFX industry experts’ opinions considered

We recently stumbled upon an awesome VFX related article. The piece in question tackles the issue of realism vs. artistry in visual effects. VFX industry experts’ opinions are considered and it’s definitely worth a read for anyone interested in film/CGI.
Check out one of our favourite opinions below, from James Reid of Milk FX.

When designing an effect, it’s important to find the right balance between realism and art. An awareness of the science behind natural phenomena is key to building something that’s believable, even when dealing with magical effects. This approach can be useful in refining an effect, and thinking of ways to add interesting detail.
However, it ‘s paramount to know when to be more flexible and stray away from realism. From a technical point of view, similar results can often be achieved through a variety of methods, and the most scientifically accurate approach is rarely the most efficient, both in terms of artist time and computation time. Furthermore, the requirement to choreograph the movement of an effect often dictates a more visually-driven approach.

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