What We Know about the WWDC 2019 (So Far)


The Worldwide Developers Conference 2019 is just around the corner! One of the biggest days in the Apple calendar, every year, the WWDC gathers thousands of developers and experts to talk about the future of Apple products. Rumours of awesome new products ranging from new AirPods to iPhones and MacBooks are swirling. In this guide, we go through some of the biggest predictions of the year, as well as everything we know so far about the incredible event:


When is WWDC 2019?Refurbished Mac Computer with a slice of cake


Rumour has it that WWDC 2019 will run from Monday 3rd June to Friday 7th June. Apple has not officially announced when WWDC 2019 will begin, but we are almost certain this will be the date of the conference. There are three reasons for this:


  1. Apple hosted WWDC in June from the 4th to the 8th in 2018 and from the 5th to the 9th in 2017, or in the first full week of June. It would make sense if Apple hosted WWDC at the same time this year.
  2. The McEnery convention centre has been booked out already for a ‘secret’ event during those days, which means something big is taking place around that time.
  3. The biggest hint of all, an event was leaked from the 2019 events calendar of the San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs stating that a ‘WWDC’ event is taking place on June 6th. Since then, the site has been updated so this information is hidden. However, the estimated attendance is 7,000 – and when 6,000 developers attend every year with a thousand staff members from Apple, this seems like confirmation of the WWDC.


Where is the WWDC 2019?

Man coding on refurbished iMac 27" computer for sale


The WWDC has been hosted at the McEnery Conference Centre for both 2017 and 2018. As such, it is incredibly likely that the WWDC is going to take place at the McEnergy Conference Centre in 2019 as well. Furthermore, as we previously mentioned, the leak from the San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs all but confirms the location will be in the San Jose area, and the McEnery Conference Centre is one of the few spots which could host an Apple developers conference.


What Will be Announced at WWDC 2019?

A group of coders working together on used Macbooks on a new programme


There are lots of different rumoured announcements going around, but in this guide, we will mention our top three most likely predictions:

First of all, we are almost certain that Apple will unveil the newest iteration of their mobile operating system, iOS 13. We already know that the new iOS will be announced at some point in the Summer of 2019, so the WWDC seems like an opportune time to make the announcement. iOS 13 promises many sweeping changes, including the introduction of a Dark Mode to their mobile devices as well as a redesigned home screen for iPhones and a total revamp to iPad apps.

Secondly, we expect to see the newest version of MacOS, version 10.15. Apple has been clear that they will no longer be supporting old 32-bit apps on their platform as their way of encouraging developers to move to more effective 64-bit technology, and while Mojave will continue to run them, expect 10.15 to phase out even more support for older apps.

We also suspect that Apple will announce a universal app feature so that designers can make apps which work on touchscreens, mouses, or trackpads regardless of whether it is running on iOS or macOS. This would significantly increase the potential for cross-platform app technology and boost the number of apps available for Apple. We imagine there are many other impressive new features of 10.15 that are yet to be announced too, so we’re excited to see if this comes to fruition!

Finally, we will be interested to see whether Apple will announce any new peripherals. As we mentioned in our Apple March Media event blog, there are lots of suggestions about new headphone accessories like the AirPods 2 and the StudioPods to be announced by Apple. Many stories about new extras have been circling for years, and often they do not deliver, but the amount of speculation in recent weeks has skyrocketed – could this finally be the year that Apple delivers?


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Feature Image by Minh Nyugen under CC 4.0.