Namibia Project

The Project works to reverse the adverse impact that poverty has on children’s lives and future. Through sponsorship, access to education and by meeting the basic welfare needs the Namibia Project improves the lives and opportunities of orphans and vulnerable children in Namibia.

We have been helping further the education of African students by providing iPads to the Namibia project. The Namibia project is working hard to improve schools in Africa by developing everything from the school libraries to their water supply.

The Namibia project used the iPads supplied by MacFinder (MacRefresh Ltd.) to assist with Grade 1 learners as well as Grade 2 & 3 teachers so they can learn the functional skills of using the devices. Furthermore, the iPads can be used as powerful learning tools for problem-solving, drawing, storytelling and geometry.

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Every bit of Crisis work is integrated, and all contribute to the purpose of ending homelessness. The services Crisis provide are carefully informed through their decades of experience of working with homeless people, and the research they’ve carried out over the years. Their research is driven by knowledge from working side-by-side with homeless people every day. And this influences our campaigning for permanent change.

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Maria Montessori School

The Maria Montessori School is located at several sites and offers an authentic Montessori education for children aged from 2 to 12 years. The school is regarded as an example of best practice in Montessori education – it nurtures independence and creativity, and promotes hands-on, self-paced, collaborative and joyful learning. Children in the school follow their interests, wherever their passion leads; giving them strong academics, leadership and a lifelong love of learning.

Part of our mission is to provide technology to those you otherwise couldn’t afford to and help with the global effort to advance 3rd world communities. Our efforts include donating IT equipment to African schools. We have already supplied the Maria Montessori School in Kumasi, Ghana.

We will continue to develop this program to help more schools in Africa upgrade their IT infrastructure.

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Our most significant impact on the environment is through our use of energy and other resources.

We are conscious of the company’s environmental impact through its operations and our responsibility to reduce our environmental impact.

In particular, we have:

  • Reduced paper usage throughout the company, by implementing double-sided printing and making operations paperless, wherever possible;
  • Improved energy efficiency in our premises, through the use of energy management and smart electronic controls;
  • Improved recycling facilities so that our waste is segregated at the point of use and we target zero landfill output from our operations;
  • Introduced new bathroom technology to significantly reduce our water consumption;
  • and the installation of low energy, LED lighting throughout our facility

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