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    I installed a Titan Ridge 2.0 card and it works without an issue with OpenCore. However, when I connect a 27″ Thunderbolt display it will not work on boot most of the time (Sometimes it works from boot but most of the time it does not). I have to unplug and plug the monitor from the Titan Ridge card and then it turns on and works every time.  Sometime I get the error “Unplug he accessory using too much power to re-enable USB devices”. This makes me think that the monitor is pulling to much power on boot to work correctly.

    Is there a way to provide extra power to the Titan Ridge card? I have an RX580 graphics card and it is using two 6-pin power connections. Without the monitor turning on at boot I cannot get the brightness control to work because that requires a second USB cable from the monitor be connected. I know this works because 1 in 10 times rebooting it fires up just fine. I have another monitor connected to my graphics card via DVI (dell 30″). I even tried removing a few hard disks but that didn’t help either. I have in my mac the graphics card, Titan Ridge card and 5 drives (two are ssd and one is in the cd drive bay).