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  • matty
    Hi everyone,
    Due to the recent update of the EFI folder to run Big Sur.
    The steps that you need to take are as follows.
    1. Download fresh EFI from our guide.
    2. Download open core configurator from this link, there is a small green button here
    3. Open the Open core configurator and navigate to the top screen taskbar.
    4. Click Tools, then choose Mount EFI
    5. On the Mount EFI screen in the bottom part EFI partitions, you can find your drive. It will most likely contain information in brackets Data, Preboot, Recovery, VM this is your boot drive.
    6. Press Mount partition put your password in and then click Open Partition.
    7. It will open a separate window for you when you will find your old EFI folder.
    8. Please delete this folder and empty your trash.
    9. Drag/Drop or Copy/Paste the new EFI folder to the EFI partition window.
    10. Go back to the Mount EFI window from the Open Core configurator and click unMount partition to close it, it will close the EFI partition window.
    11. Go to the apple logo left top corner and hit restart.
    12. You are all set to get Big Sur.
    In case of any issues please contact us here OpenCore please do remember this is a part of development that we offer which has been created by great guys, we are trying to reply to all of you but sometimes it takes a little longer. Please describe to us your spec and the step that you do not understand or would like to know more about. In case you are new to Open Core the steps are the same but you skip point 8 and only remove anything that is in this folder(if anything is in there) and continue with this guide. The part you would have to repeat from the original guide is to bless your drive.