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  • matty

    Blessing the drive Open Core.

    When you transferred the EFI folder to the EFI partition through the Open Core configurator, you can find the number of your drive listed like in the picture below. Remember it.


    1. Power off your Mac Pro.
    2. Make sure you have a wired keyboard plugged in under the power button of your tower.
    3. Hold Command + R on the keyboard and keep holding pressed down.
    4. Tap the power button and keep holding Command + R.
    5. It might take up to 5 minutes when you hold those buttons to boot to recovery.
    6. Once in recovery, navigate to the top taskbar. Choose utilities and select terminal from the drop-down menu.
    7. Once you open the terminal it will have a command line that you do not have to worry about.
    8. Type into terminal diskutil mount /dev/diskAs1 you will replace letter A with the number that you remember from the open core configurator. In my case, it was 0 so the command should look like diskutil mount /dev/disk0s1
    9. Press return and it should say that your EFI partition is mounted.
    10. Next type in bless —mount /Volumes/EFI —setBoot and press return it will return it with bash and field ready to type there will be no confirmation of any sort. Please watch out for this command as — before mount and setBoot is combined from two – signs.
    11. Navigate to the apple logo in the left top corner and select restart.
    12. On this time boot, you should see an EFI loader with drives to select including recovery and NVRAM reset. You can leave it and it will pick your SSD on its own.

    *5. In case you will not see recovery boot after 5 minutes please make sure there is only 1 screen connected to the GPU, that you have manually selected input on the monitor.