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  • matty

    Hi, thanks for posting this — I have got as far as step 3 fine — the EFI is working, I get the boot screen. Going to System Preferences/Software Update I only get the option to upgrade to Monterey. What is the procedure to upgrade to Catalina form this point? I have tried downloading the full installer and that doesn’t work (I get the message “This version of macOS 10.15 cannot be installed on this computer”.

    Thanks for your help, Chris

    System: MacPro 5,1 mid2010. 2 x 3.46GHz OSX 10.14.6  Radeon RX590 GPU

    Same problem here.
    I’m on High Sierra installed with DosDude1 patch and can;t upgrade my Adobe apps unless I upgrade OSX.
    I see you say above that indicates OpenCore is not working [which was my assumption], despite seeing a boot screen for first time in many years.
    So how does one fix this?


    I have seen dos dude patch messing with Open Core before, I would advise fresh install then Open Core it, in regards to downloading macOS it’s sometimes very temperamental.

    You can try Big Sur from here.

    One thing I would want to make you aware as well is to lift it to Mojave the natural way as there is a Firmware update to 144.