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  • ericstrausser

    Hello all,

    I’m looking to try an Open Core Catalina install and had a few questions before I go in.

    Can I run a regular Mojave install on one drive and an Open Core Catalina on another and switch back and forth?

    I’d like to put the Open Core Catalina on an SSD and run it from one of the bays?

    I currently have a Sonnet M.2 card in my 12Core MP5,1.  One 2TB blade is my current Mojave and the other 3 are zero raided into a single 6TB audio work drive.

    Will an Open Core drive in the system conflict with this NVME PCIe card in any way?  Would I need to remove it?

    Will the Open Core process change my MP5,1 or my Saphire RX580 in any permanent way?

    Is removing Open Core from my Mac as easy as removing the Open Core drive and booting from my regular Mojave install on the NVME?  Or does it bleed beyond the drive it’s installed on?