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  • martin

    Thanks for all the great info on this forum. I’m running Big Sur now for a few months and it’s working great. Can I just upgrade your OC with the latest Martin Lo package in order to upgrade OS from Big Sur to Monterey? This would be on an internal HDD that I can boot into Big Sur. I also have an internal   Big Sur SSD which is my main boot drive. Rather not mess with that until I can confirm success on the HDD.  Additionally I have a pci ssd running Mojave. Would not want to lose that.

    thanks for any insight…

    Martin are you able to chat about your process? I’m stuck and would love to get over this issue once and for all. Please advise

    I don’t have much insight nor understanding of what goes on “behind the scenes” apart from following the instructions posted on this forum. I followed the instructions on  post # 1413212 by Matty on Nov 2. which worked for me. I certainly would try to answer any specific questions, but I think one’s individual experience does depend heavily on your hardware set up. Mine is a mid 2010 MacPro 5.1 which I previously did the firmware update to run Mojave, I think   with a Radeon 7950( Just can’t remember) to be metal compatible. and then upgraded the graphics card to a Radeon RX 580.