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  • Fernand

    On general performance, different versions of macOS are not significantly different.

    Of the two, Mojave is more of an uphill climb, with tighter requirements, including having only the Metal-compatible card in the chassis to install. There are really few cards that work and show the boot-up screen. Then there’s a significant Boot Bios update to during installation. This gets tricky with some monitors. Mojave is the last OS version that Apple is officially supporting for our 5,1 mac Pros, and it’s a tight fit. I had a long nightmare battle, with moments of despair. One detail that’s easy to forget is the little helper apps, like Little Snitch etc. It’s important to update them before installing Mojave. My reason to go Mojave is to run Logic 10.5. I imagine it’s similar for Final Cut users, but I don’t know the specific version numbers.

    If you’re OK with Logic 10.4.8, then go to High Sierra. It’s a much easier upgrade of the OS, and it’s required to later try to move to Mojave anyway. Logic 10.4.8 has lots of important features that are missing in Sierra-compatible Logic 10.3, like Articulation Sets and easily building tempo maps from imported or recorded-without-metronome Audio. Once you’re stable in High Sierra, and your helper apps are Mojave-compatible, and you’re well backed up, you can try a Mojave installation.