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    • gerry

      I’ve got an early 2009 Mac Pro upgraded a few years ago to 5,1 together with 6 core Intel Xeon, 32 ram, AMD FirePro D700. The machine has 3 internal hard drives (TB each) with one used as Time Machine back-up.

      However, just discovered compatibility issues with Adobe CC updates…. my guess it’s OS High Sierra. Obvious solution (besides buying new Mac) is to try updating OS to Mojave. The app store states the GPU needs to be ‘Metal’ (which mine appears to be) and that I require a firmware instal upon rebooting… sounds simple but it’s an old upgraded mac so maybe there could be problems I’m unaware of.

      Like everyone, I can’t afford to be left with a dead machine and having read ‘xaeretvfx’ rabbit-hole posting I wondered if anyone had any additional pointers that might help steer me away from any potential nightmare.


    • Charles

      Hi Gerry.


      Your D700 graphics card which is likely a AMD 280X if it came from Create Pro will support metal. If you use this link you can download Mojave from the App Store.

      It will prompt you to perform a firmware upgrade when you are booting into the installed, you just have to shut the Mac Pro down and hold the power button for 10 seconds until you hear a long beep.

      If you need any help just let me know.




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