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      I have a Mac Pro 5,1 2010 supplied by Create Pro with 2x 6 core 3.42 GHz CPU and Nvidia GTX 980.

      I have an Apple 30″ Cinema screen, but, after years of reliable service, it is finally dimmed past the point where an Xrite calibrator can adjust it.  Is there a 4K 30″ (or larger) solution you recommend for use with these older machines?  Will any with the right plug on the end to fit my GTX980 work fine, or are there some newer technology that is not compatible with my older machine?


    • Charles

      Hi Guy, sorry this was posted a while ago.


      Any modern display with displayport will be suitable with your GTX 980. If you do not have a display already, may be worth looking at the Dell ultra sharp range.

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