What are you hoping Apple will announce on Nov 10th?

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    • Charles

      It will be interesting to see what will be announced next Tuesday, I have a feeling we may see a new ARM based iMac, possibly with a touch screen for the styling changes in Big Sur.

    • FunkyTownPhil

      Ia m expecting them to announce a new bezel free iMac in the same style as the iPad 11 Pro , I think this Wille b ARM based but I don’t expect it to ship till next year.
      but I do expect new Air to be ARM based and ready for immediate shipping

    • CreateProDaniel

      Almost certain for a new iMac line. I reckon they may increase screen size as an option, possibly to 31″, almost certainly without a bezel.

      We’ll get new MacBook Pro’s as well I reckon. And after 10 Beta’s, hopefully they’ll finally give us a release for Big Sur.



    • Charles

      I think you are definitely right about the iPad design on the iMac. I can’t imagine they would use this design for just a mouse.

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