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  • matty

    Hi Charles.

    Thanks for showing me what to do about my Mac Pro OpenCore, and sorry about not replaying back to you. But still my Apollo Twin and UAD-2 Satellite didn’t locate, and I don’t know the reason why. I see many people doing the same OpenCore on Mac Pro 2010 5.1, so please what can I do to install OpenCore for my Apollo Twin and UAD-2 Satellite will work, and most all the times, if I turn on the Mac Pro without turning on the Apollo or the Satellite, the computer will come, but if I turn on the Apollo and the Satellite then the computer will shutoff  and you can see for yourself. I was trying to send you a Video, but it seems not working. I will try and see if I can send it to you with dropbox



    If you are trying to use Thunderbolt devices please try as follows.

    1. Power ON your mac with your Audio interface unplugged.

    2. Once on the desktop, plug in your interface to titan card.

    3. Restart

    This should work.