Acceptable Communication Policy

MacRefresh limited

We always communicate with our customers in a polite, ethical and professional manner. We expect the same from our customers when they communicate with us over the phone, electronically (email) or in writing. While we understand that certain situations, such as a courier’s failure to deliver on time or a problem with our product may be stressful, it is also our duty to protect the safety and well-being of our staff. For this reason, our company has an Unacceptable Communication Policy which is set out below.
Our staff will not tolerate communication from customers which we consider unacceptable, such as:

  • Threatening, coercive or intimidating approach to resolve a problem;
  • Aggressive, abusive or offensive language or behaviour;
  • unreasonable persistency, urgency or unjustified demands.

If a customer communicates with us in an unacceptable manner, the first action of our staff will be to give a warning and ask the customer to change their approach or language accordingly. If the customer continues in this unacceptable manner, employees will terminate the conversation (if over the phone) or not reply to any further written or electronic (email) communication.

If the behaviour of the customer is extreme and it threatens the immediate safety and well-being of our staff, we will be forced to terminate communications without warning and if required, proceed by involving the police or taking legal action.