What We Do

Here at MacFinder, our business is Apple Macs. We love them. You could say we’re obsessed in some ways. In the simplest form, we sell and upgrade Macs however there is much more to it than that.

Through our large network of suppliers, we procure a huge range of used Apple systems from a range of backgrounds usually from their first original owner. We purchase in volume and our in-house technical team refurbish the systems for sale back to you, the consumer.

There are a few benefits to what we do not only that we can save you some money! We save a huge amount in IT waste, tons even. All the of stock we procure we refurbish, upgrade parts and replace so that we have minimal waste. In addition, we run an internal technician training program so our team can gain their officially Apple certification creating skilled workers in our local area.

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Our Process

Refurbishment is at the core of our business. Test, verify and flag. If a part is flagged it will be repaired or replaced with a new part. Furthermore, we replace out-of-date storage technology with upgraded solid-state or fusion systems. This means our Macs will last the rigorous test of time with improvements to stability and reliability.

We’ve refined our refurbishment process over the years to the comprehensive system it is today but reliability is not the only benefit. Because we have an extensive team it allows us to provide a wide range of configurations on our systems too. If it’s possible we can do it for you and we don’t charge extra for this service. Whether it’s multiple terabyte SSDs or a custom graphics card we aim to be as limitless as possible.

Our Refurbishment Process

Our History

We’ve been around for over 10 years but our experience spans further than that. Our founders have been working with Macs since the early doors of Apple’s existence. You should see the collection of classic Macs & floppy disks.

Our roots stem back to a small independent computer shop on a high street selling computers and parts where our founders were everything from cleaner to accountant. Upon the arrival of eBay, that’s when we truly began to grow. It was revolutionary in its time and had a huge impact on the volume we sold.

The true turning point for us was the expansion into the recycling sector. We gained a few key contracts and began offering secure collections, data erasure and purchasing of business systems. As this side of our business grew we had our first website built and this was our first step outside of eBay as MacBank.

However, there is one thing we cannot forget and that’s the Mac Pro. The 2009 to 2012 models are still highly regarded and our specialist bespoke offerings and upgrades through the years with our sister brand Create Pro is one of our favourites. We still have upgrades and systems available today.

Fast forward to more recent history we rebranded from MacBank to MacFinder to embrace our new “ethos” as you could say. And our now 30+ team and business model needed a freshen up so we felt a clear image was needed to you, our customers.


About our rebranding to MacFinder

Our Success

45K+     Orders as of 2019

£4,000,000+     Sales in 2019

500+     5 Star Reviews in 2019

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