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When you choose to part exchange with MacFinder not only do we make it convenient but we pay you 10% more for your item and include the option to migrate your data free of charge.

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Getting Started

To make it easy to exchange with us we don’t require your item up front. To begin the process you can get in touch with our team, submit your item for sale or purchase your Mac.

If you begin by submitting your item for sale when you enter your details you will be given an option for store credit. The 10% extra is immediately applied and once we’ve received your item you’ll be credited to your user account for the amount to be deducted from your basket.

If you instead started by making a purchase when you submit your item for sale you’ll be given the option to enter your order reference and you’ll be refunded the amount of your quote once you item is received.

Even if you’ve select payment method other than store credit and advisor can apply your 10% bonus afterwards as long as you haven’t been paid yet.

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Do you have a Mac you’re not using anymore, lying around collecting dust. Trade it in with MacFinder and get money off your next order.

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