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Sell Your Mac

We’ve refined our service to create a frictionless experience. Selling your Mac to MacFinder is as simple as filling out a form and putting your item in our free collection box. Know you’re in safe hands with payment guaranteed to your bank account.

Step 1 – Find Your Serial Number

How To Find My Serial Number

● On a Mac, by choosing About This Mac from the Apple Menu 
● On the surface of your product
● On an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iPod, or Apple Watch, in Settings > General > About

Step 2 – Condition, Collection & Payment Forms

Your Mac’s Condition Details

Rather than unifying your Macs into a single condition grade, we let you go into further detail, thus increasing your valuation. This means as long as you’ve been honest about the condition of your Mac, there is no doubt that the quoted amount will be accurate.

Booking Your Collection

Our MacFinder team will handle everything. You don’t need to lift a finger. Before your collection, our specialist packaging will arrive shortly followed by DPD on your collection date. All you need to do is box your item.

Step 3 – We Collect From You

Packaging Your Mac For Collection

Our specialist retention packaging makes it nice and easy for you to ship your Macs safely to us. Slide your mac underneath the plastic, fold the tabs back to create tension and place your item in the box.

There is a dedicated compartment for your accessories too!

Step 4 – Checking & Testing

Our Checking & Testing Process

Just like the Macs we send out to our customers all of our Sell My Mac devices will go through testing and inspection with our Apple Certified technical team. Our testing consists of a 32-point exam that covers everything from performance under load and heat output all the way to keyboard key-strokes and feedback. In Addition, they will ensure the specification & condition you entered is correct and if it’s higher than stated your quotation will be increased accordingly.

Step 5 – Payment

Bank Transfer & PayPal

No fees? Yes absolutely no transaction fees, you get the full amount stated on your quotation and not a penny less. Any transaction fees are absorbed by us so there is no unexpected deductions.

Store Credit

When you select store credit you’ll receive a 10% bonus applied to your offer. We will either credit your payment to an existing order and issue a refund, or add your credit to your website account.

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