Our Condition Grades

All systems provided with our industry leading warranty

How Do We Grade Our Systems

All systems provided are in 100% full working order and with our industry-leading warranty. The conditions we describe below are only in relation to the cosmetic appearance of our machines. We never supply systems with technical faults unless clearly stated in the condition description. When pricing a system the condition grade is an attributing factor and a reduction of price will be seen on lower grades.

Standard Condition

The product is in good condition and is considered expected for its model and year. It may have a few scratches, minor dents or marks which are a sign of normal wear and tear. Our technicians have guidelines during preparation which separates any devices which we would consider to have cosmetic imperfections.

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Cosmetic Imperfections

The product has a cosmetic defect. The defects may be limited to just one large dent or deep scratch alternatively it could consist of numerous minor scratches or marks. These cosmetic defects may include scratches, marks or dents either on the case or screen and because of this we individually photograph all fair condition systems.

If you’re budget conscious a fair condition system can be the ideal solution for those looking to save. We cannot stress enough that the defects are only cosmetic and the systems are completely functional with no damage to the internal components. All fair condition system components are meticulously inspected.

If you’re ever unhappy with a system you receive we offer a free 14 day return policy and we will happily exchange or refund your purchase.

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"The batteries we supply have at minimum 80% of the original design capacity"

Battery Condition

During the assessment stage of our system, we use a measure we call
the 80% rule. This rule is our boundary for battery replacement. Our technicians look at the full charge capacity of the laptop vs the design capacity as well as cycle count. If this falls below what we regard as less than 80% of the original battery life we fit the system with a brand new battery.

The batteries we supply have at minimum 80% of the original design capacity. Even our oldest systems should provide at least 3+ hours of battery life with general usage.

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