What Items Include A Warranty

All items sold by MacFinder are covered by our standard warranty. The length of this warranty is typically one year; however, this will be stated on the product page. It will also be referenced in your email confirmations and delivery documentation for future reference.

What Is Covered By Our Warranty

Our standard warranty warrants the machine to the purchaser against defects in materials and workmanship for the length of your warranty.

What does this mean? It means that if you have a problem with your Mac during the warranty period as an example, it won’t turn on, you have a flicker on the screen or a port isn’t working then you can give us a call you, send us your system and we will find a solution.

Repairs & Replacements

We will always try and repair your original system however if for some reason this cannot be achieved to the level of quality we require then we will offer you a replacement system of equal type and specification with no additional cost to you.

Battery Services

If you purchase a laptop from us, it includes a separate Battery Service cover. If you receive a battery service light within the first 90 days of ownership, we will replace the battery free of charge.


Software purchased separately is not supported by MacFinder. Our team will try and identify whether it is the software or the machine and if we cannot find fault with the system, we will recommend you speak to the manufacturer of that software.

What We Don’t Cover

Our standard warranty only covers defects which arise as a result of regular use and does not apply to;
Improper & inadequate maintenance or modification;
Repairs carried out by non-authorised persons and damage caused by lack of ESD protection;
Software, interfacing, media, parts, or supplies not provided or supported by MacFinder
Operation outside the product specifications;
Physical damage, accidental damage, neglect, or user abuse;
Normal wear and tear;
Consumables, i.e. batteries, ink cartridges, protective coatings, CD media, viruses or malicious software;
Display screen issues not relating to the graphics processing unit.

What Happens When Your Warranty Expires

Don’t worry we won’t forget you. As you purchase your system with us, you will forever have access to our repair centre. We do not offer repairs to customers you didn’t purchase their Mac from MacFinder. If you encounter an issue, you can send your Mac to us which we will inspect. Our standard rate is £45 for inspection. We will tell you precisely what is wrong and what works needs to be performed and offer you a choice. We will repair there and then for the cost of parts and labour and waive the inspection fee alternatively you can pay the inspection fee, and we will return the Mac to you with a report which you can take to a third party for repair.

When Your Warranty Is Voided

The warranty is void if there is any attempt made to repair the system by a non-authorised third party, or if the system is inadequately or improperly maintained or modified.

If you want to upgrade, please contact the Technical Support department before upgrading for authorisation to break any warranty seals. We can offer upgrades to your system. Any upgrade fitted by a third-party is not covered under our warranty.

This page contains a summary of our warranty terms & conditions for easier understanding. For full terms and conditions please see click here.