Spread the cost of orders up to £30,000 with iwocaPay

Approved spending limit
Choose between 3 or 12 months
Spread the cost

Save thousands when you go refurbished for your business and spread the by splitting your payment into 3 or 12 equal repayments.

Shop Now

Select iwocaPay for Business at the checkout.

You could be eligible to purchase up to £30,000 of MacBook Pros, iMacs, or Mac Minis and boost your business’s productivity.

Next time you go to our checkout, you’ll see iwocaPay as a payment method– follow that and you’ll have two choices:

Pay Now – right there and then from your account

Pay Later – by splitting your payment into 3 or 12 equal repayments.

Here’s how to Pay Later:

Select Pay Later for 3 or 12 months in the iwocaPay checkout. You will then need to fill out some basic business information in order for iwocaPay to run a decision. If approved, you will move through to the funding steps and be required to do a quick ID check and add a debit card. Once completed you are ready to checkout. Your first order will allow you to access your spending limit of up to £30,000. This will be shown in your iwocaPay trade account for you to use on other orders up to your limit.

Apply for a Spending Limit

Representative Example

  • Pay Today
  • Over 3 Months
    2.50% /month rep.
  • Over 12 Months
    3.33% /month rep.

Interest based on your business
You don’t pay a penny for the first 30 days
We get paid right away
You pay in 3 or 12 equal monthly instalments


If you’re questions are still not resolved please feel free to reach out to the MacFinder team.

  • How do I Pay Later with iwocaPay?

    All you need to do is select Pay Later on iwocaPay checkout.

  • How much will it cost me?

    Spread the cost over 3 or 12 months at an interest rate based on your business. You only ever pay for the days you use – there are no other fees and you can settle up early and save on interest anytime you like.

  • How do monthly payments with Pay Later work?

    iwocaPay will automatically collect your minimum monthly payment using the card you register with them.

    If you like you can pay more than the minimum any time, it’s totally flexible. If your extra payment is the same amount or more than your next monthly payment, we’ll skip it. To make extra payments just head to your iwocaPay account or give us a call – you can pay using a debit card or bank transfer.

  • Can I settle my balance early?

    Yes, you can settle up early any time at no extra cost. There are no early payment fees, you’ll just pay the balance outstanding on that day.

  • What if I miss a payment?

    Just login to your iwocaPay account to make a debit card payment or get details on how to make a bank transfer. If you can’t make a payment get in touch with iwocaPay on 020 3778 0549 and we’ll work together to find a solution.

  • What are the benefits of paying with iwocaPay?

    Efficient cash flow – flexible payments that work for you and your business, so you’re always in control.

    Increased purchasing power – from bulk discounts to new projects, you’ll never miss an opportunity again.

  • What if I have a dispute?

    If you have a dispute with us or need to cancel your order you’ll need to speak with us directly – iwocaPay don’t offer dispute resolution or charge backs.

Financing Example

  • 12 Monthly Repayments
  • Instalment Rate
    3.33% /month rep.
  • Cost of Purchase
  • Total inc Interest
  • Interest