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  • spiderpod7d

    Hi Charles

    I watched your video ”

    Mac Pro 5,1 OpenCore Install Guide: Catalina Update, GPU Acceleration & Thunderbolt 3! and went to the opencore download page
    which provide me with Open core configurator version 0.7.6. This version does not have the two
    folders for upgrade on or upgrade off so will it work as described in your video? If not where do I download the the exact version of the apps you used in the video.
    I am trying to upgrade a MAC Pro 5,1 boot rom 144 with generic RX580 8GB video card fro Mojave to Catalina
    Thanks for your input
    I forgot to mention my MAc Pro is early 2009 probably 4,1 upgraded to 5,1 and 12 core