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    • Dondiego

      Hello guys,

      In 2018 I bought you a macpro with these specs :

      • MacPro5,1 – 6 Core 3.46GHz X5690 (2010)
      • 32GB (4 x 8GB) 1333Mhz DDR3 ECC
      • AMD RX 560 4GB (1204 StreamProcessors) (OS X 10.13.4+) (New) (Slot 1)
      • Sonnet USB 3.0 PCI-e (4 x USB 3.0) (SON-USB3-4PME) (Slot 2)
      • 500GB Samsung 970 NVMe SSD (10.13+) (Bootable) (1,500MB/s) (Slot 3)
      • macOS 10.13 High Sierra (Recommended

      I’ve 2 questions for you :

      1. I work mainly with Creative Suite and recently i had to work on very big files, so now i need more RAM !
      I read on many websites that MacPro quad and 6-cores can upgrade to a maximum of 48 Gb (3 x 16 Gb)…
      On OWC website they say that you can’t put a fourth module of 16 Gb“due to an OS system limitation”.
      …Whereas on macfinder.co.uk, I can buy a MacPro6-Core Xeon 3.46 GHz 2010 (exactly same specs as mine) with 64Gb RAM.
      So… Can you tell me if it’s useless to upgrade to 64… or not ?
      2.I’m still on High Sierra, can I upgrade to Mojave with my GPU ?
      Thanks a lot !
    • Charles



      With the X5690 you can run up to 4 x 16GB modules in your Mac pro. I have them available for £25.00 per 16GB module. [email protected] if you need any.


      Yes your GPU will support Mojave and even higher, up to Big Sur if you use opencore.

    • StevenTillson02

      Macbook pro 2015 is not supported external RAM and HDD

    • StevenTillson02

      The X5690 allows you to use up to four 16GB modules in your Mac Pro. I’m selling these for £25.00 per 16GB module. Yes, if you utilise opencore, your GPU will support Mojave and much higher, up to Big Sur.

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