Quick Start Guide

MacBook Setup Screen

Password & User

On all standard systems, we will include a fresh installation of macOS, just like a new Mac from Apple. During the setup process, you will set your username and password. If you do not set a password during setup when you’re greeted with the password screen hit the enter key to enter your Mac leaving the password field blank.

Mac Pro Users

In some cases, specifically with the professional tower systems, there are drivers required for bespoke installed components. If you have purchased a Mac Pro and are presented with a login window when you first boot we have set up your Mac with the following login:

Username: MacUser
Password: pass

How To Change Your Password

At the top left corner of your, Mac click the  Apple menu > System Preferences, then Users & Groups.
Click the Change Password button.
Fill in the form, including your current/old password and your new password.
You can also set an optional hint.

Forgot your password and can't login?

MacFinder Packaging


Any bundled accessories you purchase with your Mac will be packaged in your box in the accessories compartment. Our boxes have the accessories sectioned off to prevent the items from hitting against each other in transit. This protects your Mac and your accessories.

You will also find your power cable or charger in this section too.

Feel you have something missing? Let us know!

Macfinder Package


We highly recommend you keep the packaging that we provided with your item. It is entirely flat packable and reusable, and we specifically try and avoid using things like bubble wrap with the use of our retention packaging. Our boxes are not inexpensive and if you do have an occasion where you need to transport your Mac this box will come in very handy! Alternatively, if you do unfortunately have a problem with your Mac, it can speed up our turn around time to get your repair complete as you wouldn’t require another box.

If you do wish to dispose of your box, we urge to recycle it. Either include it in your recycling when the refuse collectors come or follow the link below to find a local facility.

Find local recycling locations for cardboard

macOS Catalina

macOS Catalina

The latest version of macOS available is Catalina. On every system which it supports, we install it unless otherwise requested. Whether you’re a new Mac user or a veteran, there are plenty of new features on every update making tasks easy, adding new functions, and improving the user experience.

If you’d like to find out more about Catalina, click the link to the user guides below.

Click here to see the official Apple user guides