Best USB-C Dongles For Your MacBook Pro

Wouldn’t it be great if one day every device, accessory or display used the same connection? Unfortunately, we are nowhere near that point today. So if you’ve got one of the new MacBook Pros, from 2016 onwards and you want to be able to use your old familiar devices then you’re going to need a USB-C dongle or adapter. USB-A, HDMI, Ethernet, DisplayPort, SD & Micro SD, all of those connections that you use on an everyday basis, you’re going to need a dongle. Ideally, the best USB-C dongles should have all the necessary connections that you need and shouldn’t be too expensive, especially if you’ve just shelled out for a brand new MacBook. We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite dongles and adapters that you can buy today in an attempt to alleviate any of your USB-C-based confusion.

Satechi Aluminium Multi-Port Adapter

Satechi as a brand is highly regarded by many and is well known for their high quality, expertly finished products. This adapter is no exception. With a brushed aluminium finish the Satchi Aluminium Multi-Port Adapter is available in three different colours; Space Grey, Silver and Gold. Allowing you to perfectly match the adapter with your MacBook Pro.

With regards to ports, this adapter has just about everything you need to run our favorite peripherals with your MacBook Pro. SD and micro SD card readers, USB-C Pass-Through for power, three USB-A ports, 4K HDMI and a Gigabit Ethernet port making this a comprehensive option for people with a limited number of ports.

While this adapter has a great range of port options and incredible build quality, the Satechi adapter is rather on the pricey side. There are other adapters available that offer a similar level of port selection but for a much more affordable price tag. If build quality and finish is not something that concerns you too much, we would recommend looking elsewhere on our list.

Anker 8-in-1 USB C Hub

Anker is another leading brand when it comes to tech accessories and their 8-in-1 USB-C Hub is another great option. Both portable and lightweight, this adapter comes with a handy little travel pouch, making it an ideal travel companion for any mobile workstation.

This adapter has just about every port that you could ever need and then some. It has you covered with all your basic port needs; memory card readers, USB-A & C, Ethernet and not just one but two HDMI ports (4K @ 60hz & 4K @ 30hz). This adapter is therefore perfect for those that want to connect their MacBook up to two external displays. But keep in mind that macOS does not, unfortunately, support two independent displays, they will be mirrored.

While this port selection is ideal for many, it does only include two USB-A ports. This may be perfectly fine for the majority of users but something to keep in mind if you have an abundance of devices that still require a traditional USB connection.

Fitfort USB C Hub

The smallest and most portable option in our line up, the Fitfort USB-C Hub has you covered with all of the essential ports that you might need on a daily basis. At just £21.99, this adapter is great value for money and build-quality wise, looks as though it should be priced much higher.

It does, unfortunately, miss out on any USB-C Pass-Through so you won’t be able to run a charging cable through it but chances are, with all the ports this adapter saves, you’ll have a spare one on your MacBook for charging anyway. If you do need a wider range of ports, you might have to opt for a bigger hub, but for a really reasonable price, this is likely to be the best option for most people out there.

Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Dock Pro

For those out there that require a true hub rather than a few extra ports, the Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Dock Pro is exactly that. The perfect addition to any professional workspace, this hub is capable of high-speed data transfers of up to 40 Gbps thanks to the addition of the two Thunderbolt 3 ports that this hub sports. Additional ports are plentiful, USB 3.1, USB-C, Audio in/out, SD reader, DisplayPort, Ethernet and four USB-A ports. This hub also enables you to connect two external 4K displays, both running at 60hz but again, they will be mirrored. This will certainly be a powerful tool and a great addition to any professional workstation.

This hub is, however, far less portable than all of the other options due to the fact that it requires its own power supply. It is also rather pricey too. So if you are just after a few additional USB ports, it is probably best to stick to one of the other options on our list.This is ultimately intended for the more serious, pro-level workstations out there that require lightning-fast data and power delivery.

Dodocool MacBook Pro Adapter

All the other hubs and adapters on our list follow a sort of dongle-esk design, usually connected to your MacBook with a traditional USB-C cable. The dodocool MacBook Pro Adapter is slightly different in that regard as it connects directly to your MacBook. They are fairly exclusively designed for MacBooks as they clip directly on to the computer and are colour-coordinated to match. This adapter is very portable and has a good port selection. SD and micro SD, USB-C for Pass-Through, three USB-A ports and HDMI supporting 4K at 30hz, everything you might need to carry out your daily tasks.

But for such an affordable price, build quality and finish does take a slight hit. This adapter is not going to be as sturdy as some of the other options and may even feel slightly flimsy when trying to plug in all your peripherals.

At the end of the day, any functional USB-C hub should do the job and help you connect all of your old devices to your new MacBook. Hopefully in the not-too-distant future, dongles will be a thing of the past with manufacturers switching everything over to use USB-C. While this may be wishful thinking, it would certainly save everyone a lot of money and hassle but until that happens, dongles are our only option.