Free Native Instruments Plug-ins for your DAW: Free instruments, effects, samples & more from Komplete, Kontakt & Reaktor libraries

Get Free Versions of Komplete, Kontakt, Reaktor, Guitar Rig & more from Native Instruments, as well as free user submitted libraries

We’re big fans of all things Native Instruments at Create Pro, we have a few Maschine users in the office, and everyone that’s into audio loves NI’s suite of plug-ins. Quality plug-ins command a premium, but you’ll be pleased to find out that Native Instruments do provide a number of free products, all of them top quality as you would expect. They can be a bit tricky to locate as they occupy different parts of NI’s website, but we’re going to put all the links in one place to make it easy for you to find them.
Up for grabs is a free, stripped down version of Komplete, including 660MB of Kontakt, Reaktor & Guitar Rig libraries, a free version of the popular Reaktor Prism soft synth, a huge user created library of Reaktor, Kontakt, Absynth and Guitar Rig downloads, and a really interesting project named SOUNDHUNTERS which we will talk more about later.
Below is a list of all the free Native Instruments plug-ins available, with short descriptions and the links where you can find them.

Free Version of Native Instruments Komplete: Komplete Players

Native Instruments Komplete Free DownloadKomplete is Native Instrument’s flagship product, the full version of Komplete Ultimate contains every NI instrument, effect & library, 440GB worth. Unfortunately Komplete Ultimate isn’t offered for free, but Komplete Players, a stripped down, but still fantastic version, is. Komplete Players contains 660MB of Kontakt, Reaktor & Guitar Rig instruments, effects & libraries.
Included are 200 Reaktor 5 presets from three Reaktor instruments, the Carbon 2 Synthesiser, drum module Newscool, and sound generator SpaceDrone. On the Kontakt front you get a selection of 50 premium instruments from Kontakt’s Band, Synth, Urban Beats, Vintage and World libraries. You also get Guitar Rig 5 Player which includes 17 cabinet emulations, 13 effects and modifiers & a premium amp.
There’s a lot to get you started in Komplete Players, it’s a great introduction to the NI suite, and contains some real gems that it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have access to.
Download Komplete Players for free, here.

Free Version of Reaktor Prism: Mikro Prism

Native Instruments Reaktor Prizm Mikro Prizm Free DownloadAlongside Massive & Absynth, Reaktor Prism is one of Native Instruments most popular soft synths, and rightly so, it sounds fantastic. Prism’s sound is both pristine and dynamic, it is an extremely adaptable modern synthesiser. If you want to give Prism a try before committing to the full version, or perhaps just want a great synth for free then Mikro Prism may be the answer.
Mikro Prism is Native Instruments’ free version of the full Prism synth. Featuring 70 preset sounds and a number of effects, Mikro Prism is definitely worth the free download.
Download Mikro Prism for free, here.

Free User Created Sounds, Effects & More, for Reaktor, Absynth, Kontakt & Guitar Rig

Free Kontakt, Reaktor, Absynth & Guitar Rig sounds & effectsWhile not directly from Native Instruments, this part of the site contains user generated sounds & effects which can be used in NI Reaktor, Absynth, Kontakt, & Guitar Rig. There is a huge amount of content to be discovered here, for Reaktor anyway, the other banks are mysteriously ‘down for maintenance’.
Maintenance aside the Reaktor library is packed with gems (check out this Juno-6 copy), and well worth a browse. These instruments can be used in your version of Reaktor included with Komplete Players.
Check out the libraries and download free sounds & effects here.

Free Samples from Native Instruments SOUNDHUNTERS Series

Free Sounds from Native InstrumentsSOUNDHUNTERS is a project supported by Native Instruments based around sampling. You can check out the official website here. The series involves four films, four cities, four musicians and a whole load of samples. Where NI come into this sampling party is by creating some exclusive & free sample kits for Maschine 2 & Battery 4. These kits include sounds featured in the SOUNDHUNTERS films and an extra kit from the yet to be released full length documentary.
Download the kits for free, here.

For now, that’s your lot, if Native Instruments release more free goodies, we’ll be sure to let you know. If you don’t have these free downloads (or the full versions) already, we massively recommend you grab them. Everything that Native Instruments puts out is fantastic quality, and these freebies are no exception.